Chapter Secrets 4 – (Chapter 801)

Man this was such a bombshell!

Here goes my analysis!


Same mask!


The mysterious Jack is the man that was called back then by that broker. Greg thought the broker was Sheepshead but he actually isn’t! Because that broker was bald in a previous shot, thing Sheepshead clearly isn’t.


And as we saw with his Den Den Mushi Blackbeard sports the same beard as the real Blackbeard now!

Also the bounties! Did you notice all the bounties actually come from somewhere in the past 20 volumes (New World)?

Here are all of them!

Luffy – Chapter 636


Nami – Chapter 655


Zoro – Chapter 635


Sanji – Chapter 609


Usopp – Chapter 744


Brook – Chapter 698


Robin – Chapter 658 (While the hand doesn’t match perfectly it’s the only chapter (considering her clothing) this picture could have been taken)


Chopper – Chapter 654 (The cotton candy is actually Nami’s cloud) (Picture taken in the Sunny’s bath)


Franky – Chapter 636


So, did you see that secret pandaman? ; )

5. Week of September 14th 2015

Nami’s powers of richness surpass even the Pika Pika no Mi (Glint Glint, Kizaru’s fruit).

Nami'seyes Namicyborg

The Glasses of the Heavenly Demon

So here they are. The glasses themselves!


This glasses are outstandigly amazing. Not only are they incredibly accurate to Doflamingo’s but are also absolutely amazing to wear. I literally keep wearing them all the time, since they are that amazing.

This were handcrafted by somebody who makes glasses for a living and they are well made. My only complaint would be that certains parts feel very thing and fragile and could maybe break with a blunt hit.

They are still very well executed and fit you right well. There’s also the whole thing of seeing everything purple but you can also just hold them on your forehead.


Note that because of the lighting the purple can’t be properly seen. Whenever I can get a better picture I’ll update it.

In case you want to buy them yourself… well… This product was the last of it’s kind unfortunately : ( . The man who made this classified this as the last in stock. However! He could probably restock it so here’s his page that you can check for:

4. Week of September 7th 2015

I can’t believe I never noticed this before.

Ryuma’s move must be Ittoryu: Daishinkan! Same stance and same slice, with Daishinkan meaning “Big Dragon Shock” and of course, both performed by the exact same sword, Meto Shusui.


3. Week of 31st of August 2015

A little bit late whoops!

Something is coming. And it’s very One Piecey.

P.S.: I got a full refund for the bootleg figure and I didn’t even have to send it back, since it would cost the seller more than it’s own price : )

Figurines – You’ve been bootlegged! – How to not get Bootlegs

So since I’ve always wanted to get into One Piece figurines (more like statues, honestly ^^) I decided to purchase a Luffy figuarts, to test how it would be to own one, to possibly collect them.

I bought a figure that was confirmed to be the original. I made sure to check the Toei sticker, the Bandai logo and that the figurine was real. All was legit and the seller, albeit being chinese, had a near flawless rate of good sales so I thought it was trustable.

And today in my mail this shit arrives:

I’m going to become the king of bootlegs!

First I’d like to comment on the absolutely atrocious condition the box came in. No, it wasn’t me who smashed it in a fit of rage, it literally came in such horrid conditions.

Second of all,  the package clearly lacks the namco logo, the official Toei sticker and any possible decency.

If you just look at the figure for a while you’ll notice the ugly as hell details. For starters Luffy’s face looks like he’s wearing lipstick and it appears he’s about to cross his eyes. The hat is missing paint and the hands and feet lack detail.

There’s even a thingie of plastic stuck between his legs, what the hell is that?

Oh, and should I mention the figure came UPSIDE DOWN???

Yes, the figure was upside down and I had to put it back up to actually appreciate more it’s fakeness (does fakeness even exist as a word?). The box was open anyways so screw “mint condition boxed”

It’s impressive how far a bootleg can go, even to the point of being substituted for a real one.

Thankfully, because of ebay’s customer policies, I have the right to a full refund and a payment for shipping the package back, since the product was “False Advertisement”.

I’m just surprised that this guy has so many positive reviews, it just goes to show how many idiots fall for this kind of trick.

But you could say What’s the issue? Is it that big of a deal?

Yes. Yes it is. Now, I don’t want to spend much money, as I’m someone who is very parsimonious (very unwilling to spend money or use resources). Not greedy (the money spent wasn’t even mine) it’s simply that I worry for other people who give me presents, as I pointlessly worry about them spending too much money. However this bootlegs really aren’t worth their cheap price. They are made of cheap plastic, making them extremely fragile. The conditions in which they arrive are usually outrageous, the paint job is sloppy and in general they just look so ugly. Furthermore you’re not allowing the original producers not to gain their deserved money and just finacing some unoriginal copycats.

The 3 Rules of Bootlegging:

  1. Check online how to indentify a bootleg. For example all One Piece figures feature a Toei sticker.
  2. NEVER BUY FROM CHINA. EVER. I’m not trying to be racist or anything (I’m somebody who hates racism) but most buyers there never try to be fair.
  3. Look for realistic prices. If it’s cheap it’s most probably a bootleg. Things cost, that’s what happens with figures. High quality comes to a high price.

Hopefully this can help you avoid getting bootlegged. It’s very disappointing to open your package box to recieve such abomination and feel like this. Good luck with figure collecting! ^^ (I will post a review of the actually legit figure when I recieve it)

On a happier note a large (legit) package came so stay tuned for that! 😀