News – Columnist on Oro Jackson!

Today I broke every single record! My website almost reached a 100 daily views and I recieved over 500 views on the Oro Jackson Forums.

So yeah, I decided to start a weekly column on the Oro Jackson Forums! The column itself is “Chapter Secrets“, a compilation of all small secrets that I found on each chapter.

I’ll try to make it weekly. I may not be able to on chapter that have not that much information I’ll think of something.

But don’t worry! You can find them all here on the website in a simoultaneous (well almost simoultaneous, gimme a break, I’m only human ^^) release so don’t worry. But if you’re part of the Oro Jackson forums go there and drop a comment, those really help me a lot.

Look forward to this!

And no worries, I’ll keep working on stuff like the Atlas too at the same consistant rate!



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