Chapter Secrets – Chapter 810

First of all I’d like to give an apology for the massive delay of today’s chapter. Please understand that I’m just a human teenager with life and stuff to do. Recently I’ve been incredibly busy, with traveling, working and many other things. I haven’t even been able to go watch Star Wars VII yet! School just issued an obligatory after-school activity on Friday, which won’t help at all too 😦 . This chapter wasn’t that full of secrets anyways, but just finding a few hours to make this couple pages wasn’t easy at all. I’m also much busier with other things in life so I don’t know how active I’ll be able to be in this forums but I’ll try my best to at least release chapter secrets each week. If one week I delay, even on several days, I hope you can be patient enough for it to come out 🙂

Next week it’s Christmas, so it will 100% surely delay, sorry for that


“The day Jack left this country… was the day you defeated Doflamingo![IMG]

Not that much this week, but secrets are found nonetheless

Site Update 1

There’s been several things I’ve been changing about the website so here’s all of what I’ve changed:

  1. The East Blue part of the Atlas is finished! There’s still a few more things to add and a lot of changes and small fixes to many things, but for now it’s done.
  2. Added a lot of new pages to the Atlas!
  3. I dropped the weekly messages. I was originally trying to do something similar to what Oda did on jump by always including a message, but they aren’t gone completely. On every chapter secrets I will release a small sentence at the very begginning as it’s own “weekly message”.
  4. Soon enough I will also fix the categories.
  5. The old Atlas page has been left unscratched. There are some pages I won’t tackle officially for several months so you can find them there for now if you were interested. Keep in mind they are still not final.
  6. And while it’s been fixed for a while the Chapter Secrets page also had a serious overhaul.
  7. The Devil Fruit Encyclopedia has been dropped and the Errors pages are being kept on hold until I have enough time to actually tackle them.

Thank you to everybody that has helped this website become what it is. I am genuinely very grateful and even if it’s a rather clichéy I have to say that I did not expect this. I never thought thousands of actual human beings would constantly admire my work.

Thank you so much, to every single one of you, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you 🙂

I hope you look forward to my future content! ^^

Atlas – Cocoyasi Village + Arlong Pirates


Atlas – Dawn Island + Red Hair Pirates + Alvida Pirates + Goat


Atlas – Monsters + Chapter 0

The canon prequels of One Piece!

Atlas – Loguetown + Yes Pirates

I’m so grateful that the anime contained filler for Loguetown because it has so many beautiful locations! It is probably the most beautiful island of East Blue!

Atlas – Non-canon pack 1 (Warship Island + the unknown island)

Yes the Atlas is not dead! Actually quite the contrary, I’ve been dedicating a lot of hours to it but those hours have been dedicated to grammar checking, font fixing and fixing all the details found in the East Blue Atlas.

I’m currently doing a big overhaul about the Atlas page and a couple more changes on this website.

For now enjoy this! Look forward to the entirety of East Blue on the Atlas!

Oh and by the way I won’t tackle ALL non-canon locations, only those that are genuinely interesting and beautiful enough to be worthy of an Atlas entry.

Chapter Secrets 9 – Chapter 809

This are not the samurai you’re looking for…

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Chapter 809 1

Chapter 809 2

Chapter 809 3

Please note that the crab’s patterns might just be a natural pattern from the crab’s chelae (claw)

Chapter 809 4

Chapter 809.7

Next week there’s a break but don’t worry, there’s something special awaiting!