Chapter Secrets 21 – Chapter 821

Zunisha too OP, plz nerf

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Chapter Secrets 20 – Chapter 820


Been working for the past 10 hours between Feuerbach, Strauss and Oda. Time to get started with FFX-2

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Chapter Secrets 19 – Chapter 819

Wait.. what is this I see in the distance? Could I… be catching up?!!

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Chapter Secrets 18 – Chapter 818 + What Raftel and the One Piece might be!

Nearly 20 hours of research and writing…

13 pages…

Not just the longest Chapter Secrets so far…

But also the best I’ve ever made!


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Stay tuned for more Chapter Secrets in the upcoming future! To Raftel!

To clarify the timeline you can view it fully here:

Chapter Secrets 17 – Chapter 817

Nin nin nin! Ehm… I-i mean l-look! There’s Buggy!

Ninjas are cool!

Chapter Secrets 16 – Chapter 816

Ugh, it becomes hard to keep up with chapters. I mean I love doing these but they take so much timeee… Short chapter today, but there wasn’t much to begin with

[Wany 4 Nakama]


Chapter Secrets 15 – Chapter 815

Hey there! Sorry for the absence but thing was: I’ve been on holiday the past week! I went somewhere nice and relaxing, isolated from the world with my PS2 and… ehm… spent the week doing… “important things”


Anyways now that I’m back in civilization, let’s carry forth with Chapter Secrets!