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Chapter Secrets 27 – Chapter 827 (Chocolatown!)


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(Please keep in mind that all of this is only speculation in the end.None of the stuff I say is default canon)
Me before reading the chapter: Allright, today I gotta study History for next week, then have a physics class and finally go watch Civil War
Me after reading the chapter: Okay, tell the teacher I can’t do class today and cancel the Civil War prenotation. Also do you have some spare change? I need to go to the pastry shop

Luffy mmmm

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Chapter Secrets 26 – Chapter 826

Mmmmmm, I just love fresh Chapter Secrets… my favorite treat ♥

Took me a good 9-10 hours to do this one, but it’s nothing compared with what I have been doing during this finals season. I needed a good rest or I would have crumbled

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Merchandise – LEGO Pedro

Considering that Pedro joined the straw hat team for a limited time, I thought he also deserved a LEGO figure like the others.

I will soon also make one with Carrot, but I’m having a hard time with it, because of her hair and rabbit ears

Lego Pedro.png

Chapter Secrets Special 9 – Whole Cake Island and Alice in Wonderland

I already talked a lot about this and if you’ve seen the last chapter secret, you’ve probably already seen a lot of these. However after analyzing the works more deeply there were more things that popped out and some of you even suggested other possible character inspirations.

Forgive me the redundancy, but there were just too many to just leave them, so I decided to recollect everything in this collective chapter.

Merry unwedding once again! (unless you got married two weeks in a row. Tough life bro)

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Chapter Secrets 25 – Chapter 825 (Alice in Wonderland Inspirations)

If Alice had an unbirthday, what will Big Mom’s tea party have? An unwedding? A divorce?

Sorry for the delay but the early chapter caught me off guard. I also wanted to do this properly, so I took my time to watch Disney’s Alice in Wonderland for my very first time. Great movie, but trippy as all hell

Happy unwedding! (unless you’re getting married today)

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Chapter Secrets Special 8 – Everything you need to know before the Whole Cake Island Arc

This is an overview about all the information we’ve got so far with additional cultural inspirations and hidden details! This took me so much time you can even see a change of graphic style midway through : P

To discuss if Luffy is really capable of beating Big Mom please head here

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