Chapter Secrets 31 – Chapter 831

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Oh and I almost forgot! I previously mentioned that Whole Cake Island might be based on the world “Candy Chateau” from the video game Rayman. The clone in this chapter could be based on Rayman’s clone, who copies every single of your moves, which also appears on Candy Chateau


Chapter Secrets Special 11 – 11 pieces of proof that the armored girl at the end of Chapter 830 IS Nami

Who is the theorybuster?

“Hawk-eye” Artur

over 2 years of studying One Piece of experience (note: the years before were just casual readings of the manga)

He doesn’t just write a theory… he puts it to the test!


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Chapter Secrets 30 – Chapter 830

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Chapter Secrets 29 – Chapter 829

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Chapter Secrets Special 10 – Purin, friend or foe?

If I were Phoenix Wright Carrot would totally be Maya!

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Conclusion, or as the internetfolks call it “TL;DR”:

– Chapter 824 and 825 took place at different points, as indicated by the clouds

– Sanji and Purin did meet, since she remembers him with the exact same clothing he had in Chapters 824-825 and even remembers him with his accurate height

– Purin is kindhearted because the villagers love her and wish the best for her. There’s no reason why Purin would be beloved if she was evil

– Thus, Purin is innocent


Now don’t get me wrong, maybe this is just a massive number of mistakes by Oda (he tends to make a lot of mistakes), but as it stands, with the evidence we have, it’s impossible they didn’t meet and it’s impossible that she is evil. Maybe Oda screwed up, maybe there’s something we don’t know, but as it stands, for now, she is innocent.

Chapter Secrets 28 – Chapter 828

That moment when you spend hours looking for a location…

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