Chapter Secrets 34 – Chapter 834

Sorry for the slight delay, but I’ve been having health issues recently after my finals. Recovering from the brutal study has been very tough and I’m still in a horrible condition. I’m slowly recovering, but it’s tough to work like this. Additionally, this chapter had a lot of secrets in it, which is why it took so long. Enjoy this long edition of Chapter Secrets!

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And you thought Alice was trippy enough? You haven’t seen Willy Wonka

Chapter Secrets 32 – Chapter 832

Before this I’d like to adress Oda’s recent statement that One Piece is 65% done. It’s been stated before, but Oda’s % refers to the % of the story, not the years. This means that all of Fishman Island, Punk Hazard, Dressrosa and Zou have only been 15% of the story of the New World. Exciting!!

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The True History – Prologue: Gol D. Roger’s Biography

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mmm, well let’s just check the wiki page to see if there’s something I didn’t find.

Oh, Roger’s age was revealed in Volume 82


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Chapter Secrets 32 – Chapter 832

Sorry for the delay! I’ve been extremely sick recently because of post-finals tireness, it’s been really though. Because of this progress on the True History has also slowed down a bit, so it may take a few more weeks. However, the prologue to the True History, Gol D. Roger’s Biography, should be out very soon.

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