Mini-Chapter Secrets – Chapter 839

Hello, as you’ve probably heard, I’m on a break from Chapter Secrets. However there are many little things to take from this chapter and I thought that I might as well just do a small, quick version of Chapter Secrets to point them out.

Keep in mind this is done very half-assedly, I’m not putting in a lot of effort for this one since I need to be quick. I’m surely missing some details, but I still wanted to give something to those who have been waiting. Thank you all for your patience!

· You’ve probably heard of this, but the cover references Kochikame, or Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Koen-mae Hashutsujo (geez), the longest running manga of all history! It started serialization on September 1976 all the way up till today! That’s 40 years of a single manga running, with 200 volumes to boot! That’s about 2000 chapters, far beyond what even One Piece is trying to achieve


· Also apparently, the numbers on the bounty poster have a meaning. I take no credit in this (I knew those numbers must have meant something, but there’s no way I would have found this out on my own) so I’ll just quote the wiki here. Credit goes to Kaido: “The number on the poster in the cover upside down is “110596”, while Kanchiki Ryotsu’s eyebrows that Luffy is drawing resemble the number “3”. “110” is the police phone number in Japan, while “5963” can be read as “ご苦労さん”, which means “Thank you for your hard work”. So Oda may be saying “Thank you for your hard work, policeman” as part of his tribute.”

· I previously mentioned how the Germa are most likely based on Nazis and this chapter outright confirms it. The eagle, the banners, the whole way the room is structured.. and not even that, their superior mentalities, they are all taken from the Nazis




Nazi Germany, SA (Sturmabteilung) troops in the Congress Hall, Nuremberg, 1933.

Nazi Germany, SA (Sturmabteilung) troops in the Congress Hall, Nuremberg, 1933.

· The only difference, is that instead of an eagle, the Germa have a Garuda, similar to the national emblem of Indonesia. Cool detail, considering Judge’s epithet


· The “66” itself may also be based on the Waffen SS (Germa 66-Waffen SS), a special corps of elite soldiers of the Nazi party, directed by Heinrich Himmler himself. The “S” from the logo is even reflected on the Germa skull



· You can also see the Germa flag standing behind the Eagle. It is similar to a flag that was considered for Germany at the end of WWII, but was never really used



· Cosette is based on… well, Cosette, from Les Misérables, a little orphan forced to work under miserable(s) conditions under strict abuse, just like One Piece’s Cosette


· GASTRONOMY: Aligot is a type of potato puré, or potato sauce. Aligot is cooked by meshing potatoes with cheese (just like Sanji says), to be then heated to create a simple, yet sweet potato sauce, often accompanied by cream or garlic.


· The reference does go beyond however, since Aligot has always been a dish for peasants and the poor, which explains why Niji discarded it. That said, I have to agree with Sanji, this thing looks goddamn delicious

· Daddy Vinsmoke mentions that Sanji lived with Zeff until “roughly 2 years ago”. Again, this just adds up to the vagueness of how much time actually passed during the timeskip. We know Luffy set sail from Foosha on May 5th 1522, but we have no idea of when we are now

· Like I previously mentioned, the scientific research of the Germa also ties with the Nazis. They were obsessed with having the most recent and powerful technology available to get an upper hand in the war. Additionally, I also mentioned that Germa had a somewhat superhero/villain theme to it (with the Vinsmokes being pretty much power rangers, red, blue, yellow, pink, green)


· So then, how can you get more villain-like than having a secret underground lab where you clone soldiers?


· Though I guess that explains why they look so similar. Thought it was weird that Oda was getting lazy with his drawings, he isn’t the kind of guy to do that

· Anyways, that is that. Sorry for this rough edition of Chapter Secrets, but I hope you enjoyed it. Please look forward to their full comeback!


Chapter Secret Hiatus – 2

Just wanted to touch on a few more points, specifically with the True History.

As I previously mentioned I’ve been on a break mostly because of health issues having to deal with finals stress. For the meantime I’ve decided to skip a few weeks of chapters but as I said, don’t worry too much as these chapters didn’t have that many details to begin with.

The True History was originally meant to release this July, but obviously finals and my health have delayed it. The True History takes A LOOOT of time. Like a lot lot of time. It’s a project I’ve been working on for practically a year now (obviously not every day, but I have spent god knows how many hundred hours on gathering all the info, writing down notes, doing the timeline (yes, the timeline was originally written to help me out with The True History) and other stuff) and it’s something that won’t be done until I have enough time. It’s nearing completion, but I’ve put it on hold as it is something I want to work on directly when I’m feeling better and I have the time.

The thing with Chapter Secrets is that it mostly has to do with having to do chapter secrets weekly, a constant routine isn’t very healthy in this state of stress and I’ve been recommended to variate a bit more for a while. I was hesitant at first, but after the support I recieved I decided to take a break and I’m recovering quite nicely now. I’m getting treatment and should be back on my feet soon enough, though I can’t say exactly in how many weeks that will be.

As recommended I’ve been trying to variate a little, so I decided to start reading Fairy Tail (you should too! It’s pretty good, despite some glaring flaws). There’s actually a lot of hidden details in Fairy Tail too so I was thinking about maybe doing a couple inspiration analysis here and there for Fairy Tail, I might even post some of them here, it would be a great idea to do something different!

That said this is only a personal project of mine and won’t affect the intended schedule for Chapter Secrets or anything One Piece related so don’t worry, One Piece content isn’t going anywhere 🙂 Chapter Secrets will return when I’m feeling better and The True History when I have enough time to dedicate to complete it.

I hope you all look forward to those when they make their comeback. Until then, thank you all for your patience and dedication! 😀



About the Chapter Secrets Hiatus

Hey there! As you probably noticed, for the past couple weeks I haven’t been releasing any Chapter Secrets. You may have heard this already, but I’ve been through some health issues recently. It’s nothing to worry that much about, more than anything it’s because I had my finals this June and the stress and anxiety it brought me has been extremely exhausting. During these past weeks I’ve been trying to recover by relaxing as much as I can. For this time I decided to drop most of my duties and after the feedback I recieved and all the people that told me to look after myself, I decided that I deserved a break from Chapter Secrets too to relax a bit.

Chapter Secrets takes quite a lot of time to do, on average it takes 6 to 8 hours per week and a lot of times it can be very taxing. It’s something that I love to do, but these weeks I really needed to relax. Don’t worry too much about it since these past chapters have been rather barebones. There’s a couple things in there, but I don’t think there’s anything too trivial.

When I’m feeling better, which should be soon enough as I’ve been recovering quite nicely, I’ll go back to making them. Until then I hope you can be patient. Thank you all for your incredible support! : )