Chapter Secrets 52 – Chapter 852

It’s Switchmas today, but I’ve still got enough time to work on Chapter Secrets!

Also, read Magi. It’s really good.

Update: Reiju could have not been affected by the drug, since Sora supposedly took it after she was born



4 comentarios (+¿añadir los tuyos?)

  1. SSJ22Terris
    Ene 13, 2017 @ 00:19:41

    Excellent Job as Always!

    I totally missed that part with Robin’s gallery. That line’s one of my absolute favorite bits from Robin! XD

    Also, I noticed Sanji still has the Bento on him. I wonder if he’ll run into Luffy as he’s running around.

    I’ve been hearing lots of good things about Magi, I think I probably will get around to it. See you in two weeks!!

    Me gusta


  2. Ram
    Ene 13, 2017 @ 01:47:28

    You forgot that in page 7 last panel, we can clearly see Jinbe having 2 legs. So what did he lose to Big Mom? IDK

    Me gusta



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