Chapter Secrets 56 – Chapter 856

With break next week, the chapter falls on March 2nd… literally an hour before I recieve Breath of the Wild… Well, I’m always up for a challenge.


Chapter Secrets 55 – Chapter 855

A smaller chapter this week, but still chockfull of secrets!


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Chapter Secrets 54 – Chapter 854

As time has gone on and as plans changed, I’ve decided to organize myself differently with Chapter Secrets. I’ll wait out until I’ve got full grasp over my issues with anxiety to change the format and start again properly, I’m even considering starting to do YouTube like many of you recommended me to, but for the moment being don’t worry, as you’ll still get your weekly dose of Chapter Secrets!

I also said I wanted to redo all the chapters I missed, but I’m not exactly sure on that since it really is a massive amount of work and to be fair, those chapters didn’t hold secrets that were that massively important (with a few exceptions), so we’ll see what I end up doing with that. And yes, One Piece’s True History will also come eventually.

For the moment being, enjoy these chapter secrets! Thank you all for your support!