Chapter Secrets 60 – Chapter 860

This chapter was an absolute feast to the eyes. Oda really outdid himself with the art.

Took me a while, but it’s one of the best I’ve done in some time. Go get some food (preferrably sweet) and enjoy!

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Chapter Secrets 59 – Chapter 859

Sorry about the short delay, just a combination of not expecting the chapter on Wednesday, losing electricity for some hours, dentist and sleeping. Eitherway, enjoy the chapter

It’s coming! The Tea Party from Hell!

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Chapter Secrets 58 – Chapter 858

I deeply apologize for the delay. Like I mentioned before, I had Zelda to play important matters to attend to, so I wanted to take care of those first. But anyways, schedule will now go back to normal. Enjoy!

Sooo… should we call this the StrawGasTank alliance?

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Chapter Secrets 858 Delay

Unfortunately this week I have to delay chapter secrets by a couple days, the reason being… well… Zelda :p

More than anything because I want to finish and beat this game in one go, I want it to be a whole cohesive experience where I simply get lost in it’s world. Because of that, I decided to wait for this week until I’ve beaten the game rather than taking time off to do chapter secrets.

But don’t worry, I’m very close to 100% and my estimate is that Chapter Secrets will come out on either Saturday or Sunday. After that, the schedule will go back to normal. Thank you all so much for your support and patience. Have a good day 😀

Chapter Secrets 57 – Chapter 857

I’m going to offer you some secrets you can’t refuse.

Also, happy birthday Sanji! Enjoy your arc!