Charlotte Family Tree

Charlotte Family

Based on the research from this. Keep in mind that some of these names are fanmade, not canon. Based as of chapter 873.


A Complete Guide to the Charlotte Family

Since the arc is wrapping up, I thought I would finally put down my complete list of every single Charlotte introduced so far, named and unnamed. This only applies to Charlottes however, I’ll keep the non-sibling Big Mom Pirates for another day. This list is updated as of Chapter 873.

Big Mom has married 43 husbands and has had 46 sons and 39 daughters, although 2 of those sons (Moscato and Opera) appear to have died at her hands. She has been giving birth for 42 years straight.


Charlotte Linlin











Unnamed children:

Note: The criteria for the unnamed children is relatively tough, as it’s very hard to determine which members of the crew are just part of the Big Mom pirates and which are actual siblings. Because of this I included mostly those that behaved in a group alongside the other siblings as siblings themselves, so please take this with a grain of salt.

Also, keep in mind that none of these names are canon! These are just names that I’ve given them for the moment being. I also chose some more fitting names for some of them, as some of the previous choices were… random to say the least.




Additionally, there is a Minister of Chocolate who could be a child (though it’s not a given), plus a group of decuplets, 5 male and 5 female, that are all 18. Given their ages, it’s almost confirmed that the 5 females are the 30th, 31st, 32nd, 33rd and 34th daughters, as it’s unlikely Pudding is that much younger than that.

These are all the characters that at least appeared to be part of the family. I’ll try to do a list of the named and unnamed members of Big Mom’s crew soon enough. See you then!

Chapter Secrets 73 – Chapter 873

Bit torn on this chapter, it had some really good bits, but others (like Pudding changing stances again or King Baum’s fake death) don’t rub me the right ay. Regardless, let’s hope we at least have an interesting bout with Mama!

873 1873 2873 3873 4

Chapter Secrets 72 – Chapter 872

20 years and many more to come! It’s been almost 2 years that I’ve been doing chapter secrets and I’ll try to be there for the rest of the road!

872 1872 2872 3872 4872 5

Chapter Secrets 71 – Chapter 871

And so begins the myth of Monkey L. Uffy…

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Chapter Secrets 70 – Chapter 870

Personally, I love the massive range of Charlotte children and how consistent Oda has been with them. It’s a lot of fun to catalogue them all!

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