About me


What is behind Doflamingo’s glasses? The world might never know… I have a pair of Doffy glasses and I can’t get them off my head because I love wearing them. HELP D:

Welcome to The Library of Ohara, a website about One Piece knowledge! Read this and if you’re interested you can keep exploring this website. If not then I’ll give you a cookie and you can leave, okay?

I’m Artur by the way. That’s foreign for Arthur so you know, you can just call me Arthur if you want. Whatever you prefer.

This is the New World! The sea of survival! Are you strong enough to tackle it? Then venture forth ahead! To begin with you can check these things:

My biggest work, the ONE PIECE ATLAS: https://onepiecethenewworld.wordpress.com/the-one-piece-atlas/

My weekly column Chapter Secrets, about all hidden things inside the chapters: https://onepiecethenewworld.wordpress.com/chapter-secrets/

You can check all other things under the banner!

As promised here’s a cookie if you’re not interested


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