9. Week of October 19th


First time ever on a professional japanese class and my teacher immediately says “You speak like Luffy, don’t you?”

How did she find that out so quickly?!

Oh and yes, from now on I’m taking professional japanese classes ^^

6. Week of September 21st 2015

gearmo obahan

Just noticed how Gearmos from Super Mario Galaxy have an obahan haircut

5. Week of September 14th 2015


Oh Viz…

5. Week of September 14th 2015

Nami’s powers of richness surpass even the Pika Pika no Mi (Glint Glint, Kizaru’s fruit).

Nami'seyes Namicyborg

4. Week of September 7th 2015

I can’t believe I never noticed this before.

Ryuma’s move must be Ittoryu: Daishinkan! Same stance and same slice, with Daishinkan meaning “Big Dragon Shock” and of course, both performed by the exact same sword, Meto Shusui.


3. Week of 31st of August 2015

A little bit late whoops!

Something is coming. And it’s very One Piecey.

P.S.: I got a full refund for the bootleg figure and I didn’t even have to send it back, since it would cost the seller more than it’s own price : )

2. Week of 24th August 2015

Am I really the only guy who noticed how much Avalo Pizarro and Kaido look alike? I mean he was a level 6 Impel Down prisoner so it’s not out of the question.

1. Week of 17th August 2015

So to start off the weekly messages I’d like to say this. I listen to waaay too much One Piece music.

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