Chapter Secrets

You know all One Piece chapters have their own little secrets, right? A small pandaman there, the typical secret shirt, but sometimes it goes much deeper. Certains secrets are hidden really really well for only the most crazy fans to uncover. Here you can find plentiful of them:

This is a weekly series, and one of my biggest works. Each episode comes out (hopefully) the same day the chapter does

Almost all information was found on my own, without the help of anybody. Secrets given by other people are credited

This is a non-profit analysis of chapters of the ©One Piece comic book series, written by ©Eiichiro Oda and published by ©Shueisha and ©Toei. This is intended for educational and critical purposes and is in no way trying to replace the original content. All images are used only to explain the subject at hand and are not supposed to replace the original content, but only aid as a visual guide. This is fair use under the law and I fully support and encourage the purchase of the official product to every single one of my viewers.


Click the images to open the article!

Chapter 800 title

Chapter 801 title

Chapter 802 title

Chapter 803 title

Chapter 804 title

Chapter 805 title

Chapter 806 title

Chapter 807 title

Chapter 808 title.png

Chapter 809 title

Chapter 810 title.png

Chapter 811 title

Chapter 812 title

Chapter 813 title

Chapter 814 title

Chapter 815 title.png

Chapter 816 title

Chapter 817 title.png

Chapter 818 title

Chapter 819 title.png

Chapter 820 title

Chapter 821 title

Chapter 822 title.png

Chapter 823 title

Chapter 824 title.png

Chapter 825 1

Chapter Secrets 26 title

Chapter 827 title

Chapter 828 title

Chapter 829 title.png

Chapter 830 title

Chapter 831 title

Chapter 832 title

Chapter 833 title

Chapter 834 title.png

Chapter 835 title


839 title


850 title

851 title

852 title

853 title

854 title

855 title

856 title

857 title

858 title

859 title

860 title

Chapter 861 title.png

862 title

CHAPTER SECRET SPECIALS: Articles that I write on certain occasions about random things

Nami's haircut title

Mink title

Nami's past title

Mokomo title

Thriller Bark title

Romance title

Chapter Special 7 title

Chapter Cake title

Chapter Alice title.png

Chapter Purin title

Chapter Armor title.png

Urouge title

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